Renewable Energy

Today we all recognize the importance of renewable energy to our long term energy supply.  Increases in natural gas and oil have driven energy prices to an all time high. In order to moderate oil and gas cost and insure long term energy supply NYAPP members have been developing various renewable energy projects.   The following is a series of presentation on renewable energy projects undertaken by NYAPP members.

Delaware County Electric Cooperative Landfill Gas Project

DCEC currently purchases all of its power  from the NY Power Authority.   In January 2005, the Power Authority  notified DCEC of its intent to terminate one of DCEC’s  power supply contracts at the end of December 2007.  To secure a new low-cost, reliable and stable supply to replace this contract, DCEC has been working to explore all alternatives including buying energy on the open NY energy markets, opportunity for  the development of new contracts with other energy supply companies and construction of  a generating facility to self-generate the energy being lost by the curtailment of this contract.  The review was done keeping  in mind the overall objective of DCEC to provide reliable, low-cost electricity to its members while being good stewards to the local area and the environment.

                 As part of this effort, DCEC has been evaluating a power project at the Delaware County Landfill in Walton, NY.  This project would burn methane gas that is emitted from the decomposing of garbage at the landfill in a reciprocating engine driving an electrical generator.  This may be a solution to part of DCEC’s power supply needs.   By Greg Starheim

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Delaware County Electric Cooperative sets up to buy Wind Power

Delaware County Electric Cooperative has completed its evaluation of wind power and contracted to buy renewable energy form two wind projects.  You can learn more about wind power, the installations and benefits by clicking on the button below.

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Massena Electric Unveils Proposal for Grasse River Hydroelectric Project

Revitalization plan will increase energy, economic, and recreation opportunities, and result in cleaner environment. To learn more about this project just click the  button below

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EverPower will supply power to steuben rural electric from howard wind project

Everpower Renewables., a developer of utility-grade wind power projects, today announced that it has reached agreement with Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative, the largest rural electric cooperative in the state of New York to supply a portion of the future incremental power needs to the utility. Under the agreement, the Howard Wind Project will provide Steuben Rural Electric with a fixed price ten-year power contract for electricity generated from the facility which is to be constructed in Steuben County, New York. 

             The Howard Wind Project is located in the Town of Howard, about 35 miles northwest of Corning, New York. The 62.5 -megawatt project will be located across more than 7,000 acres of farmland in western New York.  The Steuben County Industrial Development Authority (SCIDA) is acting as the Lead Agent for the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Process and Everpower is working to complete the final requirements of the review process.  

             “We are very pleased with our agreement with Everpower as it will allow us to continue to meet our goals of providing low-cost power to our members,” said Richard Moyle, general manager for Steuben Rural Electric Cooperative. “Not only will the generation capacity be located within our service territory, but the partnership allows us to diversify our portfolio with clean sources of power”.


Salamanca BPU Evaluates Potential for Wind Project

In November of last year the Salamanca BPU purchased and installed a meteorological tower on undeveloped property the BPU owns. The tower is 60 meters in height and measures wind speed and direction at 40, 50, and 60 meters. The BPU owns approximately 850 acres of land which includes a hill top which might be appropriate for wind generation. We currently plan to monitor wind speed for a year or two and then make a decision on the viability of the project.