Who is NYAPP

NYAPP is an association of Municipal Utilities and Rural Electric Cooperatives serving various communities across New York State.  NYAPP represents approximately 450,000 customers / members.  NYAPP members provide safe reliable electric service to their members / customers.

             NYAPP was created in 2005 as a non profit, non partisan organization operating in a complex energy market. Its purpose is to advance the interests of its members and their customers and provides services which ensure adequate, reliable electric service at a reasonable price. 

The goals of the organization include:

1.Maintain a financially sound Organization while providing safe, reliable low cost energy and service to our members..

2. Develop and or support the development of programs that are focused on reducing energy usage and peak energy demand while improving member load factor.

3.Maintain ongoing oversight of the wholesale energy market/NYISO process to achieve a reasonable cost of energy and transmission and to insure the correct application of FERC’s Order 888 and 889 as well as the NYISO OAT. 

4.Develop programs to assist members in promoting economic growth within their communities and provide for the most efficient use of NYPA Economic Development Power.

5.Monitor ongoing legislative activities in Washington and Albany, keep members appraised of events and legislation that will affect them and promote strong and active involvement in these areas.


Images from around the state.